Nearly all shirt designs require some degree of artwork preparation.  Some designs are print ready and some require hours of work to develop, especially when working from just an idea, a sketch, or low resolution images.  If  you have the ability to submit printer ready art you could save money and receive your order faster.  If you are submitting samples of clip art to be incorporated into your design they need to be high resolution ( 300dpi if possible) and NOT copyrighted.  Any copyrighted material will not be used "as is" but can be submitted as an example for developing a similar idea.  Art charges will be added at our discretion to any order if an extensive amount of time is required to develop the artwork.  We will take into consideration the order size and will notify the customer if any artwork charges are required before starting the order. 
     If you are needing a logo designed for your group or company and don't have any artwork or even a clear idea of what you want, that's not a problem.  Just contact us and we will work with you to develop an idea and submit some samples for your approval.  Design fees will be determined when samples are submitted and can be deferred if placing a printing order.  Please contact us with your logo ideas and let us design a killer logo for you! Please send your images and ideas to info@awesomeinktees.com.
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